Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Conquerors Book Series

This is an editorial design exercise I did called Conquerors. It’s a three book hardcover set with a pine box/container featuring three of history’s greatest military geniuses. The Alexander book is the only “real” one of the three; its fourteen spreads were cut and bound together by hand and then padded with about 150 blank pages.

Each book has a dust jacket with the title cut out, borrowing the texture and colour of the busy oil paintings that wrap around the hardcovers underneath. The visual idea I had in mind for this project was to use contrast of value and complexity/simplicity to create a sense of drama between its pages. Minimalism and a generous use of negative space were major components all throughout the final design decisions. The extravagant and saturated oil paintings served to contrast this particular feel of design. I hand cut a stencil and spray painted the title onto a sheet of transparent duralar for the title page. The ideas of multiple layers shown there and on the cover were implemented in efforts to produce a tactile and inviting experience when picking up and flipping through the book.

Sorry about the covers and some of the pages; they're a little wonky because I had to bike home with them in the pouring rain..

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