Sunday, February 5, 2012

Biscuit Tin Packaging Design

Packaging design project one. We were to find a packaging that had ineffective communication and redesign it. So I chose this tin of cookies my friend's girlfriend brought me from London and remade it. 

I tried to make it super british and really push the Harrods logotype. I love that old style of stacking type vertically while using tons of styles and decorative elements; you see it on those cool hand-drawn signs and stuff, so that's the inspiration here.

The actual cookies were 10 euros and they tasted ridiculous. So good..


  1. These have a very slick hand drawn feel and make the packs look

  2. Wow. This packaging design is really nice and attractive. The style is simple but looks good. I am impressed with your creativity.

  3. I love the old fashioned look of custom tin boxes! Very classic!