Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pixies - Doolittle Redesign

I did this for my digital design class. Staples got my labels delivered late so I got some marks knocked off for lateness. Fucking Staples, fuck them. Each square represents subject matter from their respective tracks on the album. For example, the eyeball is for Debaser, which is about an old film by Dali and Luis Bunuel... There's a famous eyeball slicing scene in it that you might have heard of.

Crackity Jones, Frank Black's schizo-gay Brazilian roommate is on the back of the sleeve. There's like 10 pages of lyrics between this and the cover, but it's pretty boring so I won't post all of them – all it is, is the icons I made with the lyrics that go with them. Here's the middle page spread with a sweet old photo of the band.

The CD label wears the hair pattern from Gouge Away, which is about the biblical story of Samson, who's mad skills comes from the power in his hair.

And finally, the back cover is Monkey Gone to Heaven, which basically is about environmental neglect.

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