Thursday, March 25, 2010

Portfolio 2010

Here's some of the pieces I prepared for the York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design.
It's not all of them; just the one's I'd like to share :)
CLICK HERE to see the full sizes.. (These thumbnails really suck)

^A conceptual poster for the Dirty Three- a folk/post-rock/experimental band from Melbourne.

^ Giraffe Weevil made from engineer's wire.

^Inspired by the diving scene from Werner Herzog's documentary Encounters at the End of the World. Painted in photoshop CS4

^Some of the many banners I've done for my music blog Soundfarmer. I presented a couple more but I'm lazy to put them all up

^Personal identity. Theres 3 more versions but again- feeling mighty lazy right meow.. sorry

^CD Art Display skin I made. You can get the actual skin from deviantart if you'd like.

^A set of 250+ icons I made last year for dock apps. Grab it from deviantart


  1. good shit jlee. linx to rocketdoc iconz plox :))))

  2. Is there any way to purchase one of the Dirty Three albums? Been a fan for years and would love to finally have a poster!

  3. I'm sure that you can buy their albums from their site; a quick google search should help you out with that as well